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Fast Typer 2
Posted by: admin, 2012-11-22, 00:00 - 0 comments

Fast Typer 2

There are many ways that can be used to determine a person's level of ability of typing. One effective way is to do a test with a specified time and specified outcome goals as well. By how the testing process is conducted we'll know how good are the typing skills possessed by someone. But this kind of testing process is very complicated and requires a long time, so not everyone can test the ability of this type. You can test typing skills in an easy and fun through a game that just launched that is Fast Typer 2.

The ability to type fast is very important in today's world dominated by computers and the Internet. Your typing speed will affect how quickly you can type a sentence, email messages, blog content, articles, and messages in the forums, do some research and many other day-to-day tasks according to the function of your home computer.

Many reasons why everyone connected with computers in daily activities, either because of work or activity, must have good typing skills. Inadequate typing skills will affect your productivity with computers and the internet. Having good typing skills will improve your chances of finding a new job and you can work from home. Most work from home job involves typing and entering a lot of data.

If you type a sentence using the two-finger, it means your typing skills are a serious problem because it will limit the speed of your typing. You can easily double your speed if you learn the right techniques with proper finger placement and without looking at the keyboard. Position of your fingers is important. When putting your index finger on the J and F on the keyboard, you'll get an idea of where the fingers are to press key.

The only way you can get good typing skills and build up speed is to practice. You must be dedicated to learning proper typing skills then to practice all the theory that you can to be able to quickly get typing skills. You will be tempted to look at the keyboard during practice but don't. With practice, touch typing will become second nature and you will soon be typing faster than you can imagine.

Once you get to learn a theory that can be used to type correctly and practice all the theories that you get, there is time to test the ability that you have to use a word game called fast typer. This game is perfect for testing the typing skills of a person because of all the words you have typed are original in the sense that the players of this game have to move their hands to write the words contained in the order of the game.

All players are given 30 seconds for each phase of the test that you have to go through, for the first phase you will be typing a word that has 3 letters. The more words can you type correctly, the value you get will be higher. We could see the typing skills of a person based on scores obtained, the higher the score the capabilities of the levels also more skilled. Fast typer games can be as a means to determine the level of expertise and a pleasant comfortable typing.

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